Established in 2017 by Robbie Graham and Jon Beecher as an imprint of Beecher’s White Crow Productions, August Night Books owes its name to a memory of a memory; to an event that occurred in 1988 that would steer the course of Graham’s life. A dramatic UFO close encounter experienced by a local family who recounted it to Graham in slack-jawed wonder. It was investigated by the local police at the time and would later be recognised as just one encounter among dozens that were occurring throughout Staffordshire in the sticky summer of ’88, many of which were catalogued by the UK Ministry of Defence. The close encounter in question happened just a few hundred meters from Graham’s childhood home, on the edge of Cannock Chase, one of Britain’s best-known paranormal hotspots. It was the night of the 4th of August. According to numerous witness reports over the decades, this sprawling English forest has played host to all manner of anomalous phenomena, from ghosts, to cryptids, to UFOs and alien entities. These accounts are the stuff of local legend, and they fuelled Graham’s childhood imagination, setting him on a lifelong quest to explore all those things that cannot be, but which exist nonetheless, if only in the profoundly personal testimonies of the countless individuals who have reported them, in one form or another, since the dawn of recorded history.

August Night Books finds inspiration in the hush of the forest night; in the distant light of the stars above; and in all those “magic things” to which Yeats referred, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.